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The Advocacy Committee sets MOCIL’s legislative agenda, implements strategies around the legislative priorities, and disseminates information related to these legislative priorities and other issues impacting people with disabilities and centers for Independent Living.

In addition, the advocacy committee organizes various advocacy activities including MOCIL’s annual advocacy day at the Capitol.

MOCIL FY2023 Legislative Priorities

  • Increase $500,000 in the I.L. Budget to bring us closer to the national average.
  • Restore the 60% CDS Cost Cap to 100% (Ask for it all, but be willing to compromise)
    • With COVID it is more important than ever to allow people to remain living in their own homes.
    • People have the right to FULL CARE in their Own Homes!
  • HCBS Rate Increase – 18% (Be in line with the HCBS Industry so we have the same message)
    • Minimum Wage = Workforce Development = Unfunded Mandates = Enforcement of MMAC
  • Add the 5th Core of Transitions to the regulation language for CDS Vendors to “share the philosophy” of 5 core services instead of 4 core services.
  • Champion improvements to Ticket to Work
  • Champion efforts for statewide affordable housing units
  • Champion funding for transportation funding especially in rural areas
  • Maintain funding for NME program
  • Oppose Managed Care – Be at the table to negotiate the best plans for PWD
    • With Medicaid Expansion it is very important to be tracking Managed Care proposals
  • Look for alternative funding revenues for the IL Fund (the traffic fund that has been running short). Representative Black stated he is willing to work on this.
    • Roll into GR
    • Marijuana tax
    • Internet tax
    • Work with the Budget Project
  • Medicaid Expansion
    • Insure that HCBS is included in the Expansion of Medicaid
    • Expand current coverage to 138%
  • Monitor for Voting Access Legislation

Parity For All

MOCIL believes in Parity for ALL. Across the board People with Disabilities face adversity in many different ways. We stand up to adversity and boundaries; we unite in the message that we are stronger together.

ALL Services   •   ALL Rates   •   ALL Disabilities   •   ALL Ages

Media Advisory

In response to Governor Parson’s veto to additional funding for providers of Consumer Directed Services (CDS), MOCIL is mobilizing the community to fight back and demand additional funding.  MOCIL is working with Centers for Independent Living and advocates across the state to campaign for a CDS increase.

Read the full advisory and take action!