Missouri Centers for
Independent Living

We provide practical assistance for people with disabilities, to give them meaningful options for their own care.  Our centers across the state of Missouri work with participants to determine their needs and offer services to help them reach their goals.

Five Core Services

To ensure that people with disabilities have meaningful options for directing their own care, Centers for Independent Living (CILs) offer a wide range of services. 


Exercising your personal right to receive benefits & services. CILs also work with government agencies to expand community access & inclusion.

Peer Support

Peer Support offers strength, encouragement, and friendship by connecting peers who face similar challenges.

Info & Referral

Information & Referral services help you navigate Independent Living options and receive referrals based on individual needs.

Skills Training

Independent Living Skills Training allows you to obtain the necessary training to maintain or increase your level of independence as your abilities change.


Nursing home transitions permit you to avoid care facility placement or transition from a care facility back to your home. Youth transitions promote job readiness training, higher education exploration, and independent community living.

Centers also provide various other services necessary to improve the ability of individuals with significant disabilities to function independently at home or in the community.

Consumer Directed Services

We believe that personal choice is a key to fulfilling the level of independence that people with disabilities prefer. With the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program, participants are given the freedom to hire their own caregivers, family or non-family, based on their needs. Since participants in the program are the employers of their caregivers, they have more control over their care.

Featured Independent Living Center

“The wheelchair provided by SIL helps me go on outings, doctor’s appointments, etc. Without the chair, I would not be able to go anywhere. The cost of a wheelchair was out of my ability to get one. Thanks to your help, caring and understanding of my problem, I now have one. What a wonderful service you provide! Your staff is amazing.”

Your voice is needed!

Governor Parson has released his fiscal year 2023 budget.  Now it is time for the Missouri Legislature to begin their work on the budget. we must let our legislators know how important the Consumer Directed Services  (CDS) are to Missourians with disabilities.

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